Tuesday, August 5, 2008


i swear i have a good reason for posting two days in a row.

here's one of my number one jams from my number one band:
here's a reimagining of it by esau mwamwaya, the owner of a furniture store in london and a recent hype fixture:

I FAIL with a mac so this is my only feasible way to show you this hilariously interesting picture of my new buddy esau with my old buddy ezra (as in koenig, as in vampire weekend). WHAT?! and their collaborations stretch even farther! (is it further? summer = terrible grammar!) scroll yourself to the bottom of that page and check out that video of esau performing his song "warm heart of africa" over a loop of mr. koenig's signature falsetto-y yelp!

thusly, this means i am waiting patiently for esau's album, which contains some cool african chanting over the beat of one of my jams by my favorite band, and a song featuring the lead singer from my second favorite band. also apparently there's some stuff with M.I.A. and santogold and marina vello (formerly of bonde do role!!!!!) involved.

totally unrelated but writing about aih got me thinking about aih so i youtubed them, which is something i used to do daily. while doing this i came across this video from coachella. i am probably the number one authority on architecture in helsinki you will ever meet and let me say: i have never heard this song before. thusly, it is a new song. or it could be euphoria's "love you right". also the horns in the end are reminiscent of the horns in the end of do the whirlwind. but please, let it be a new song.

m12=real, download these songs and those walkmen songs from yesterday WHATEVERRR. 

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