Wednesday, May 21, 2008

hi, i'm genevieve.

i've always wanted to have a blog called majestic 12.
i'm going to write for you about music, which is my favorite thing in the world, and i want to write about it for my whole life.

with that said i'm going to give you my favorite song of all time:
architecture in helsinki -- the same old innocence
and my favorite song of the moment:
i zimbra (live somewhere) -- talking heads


shelteredexistence said...

I have inside information about the project known as Majestic 12. Stuff you did not see on television in that AWFUL documentary full of lies and deception! Majestic 12 was REAL and they covered up the whole alien "incursion" that happened at Roswell. You don't know the HALF of it!

Contact me.

bluekoala said...

hey, I'm janine (bluekoala on lj)! I really dig the talking heads, but the one song I know by architecture in helsinki I really like, have good taste haha, see you around

bluekoala said...

and* the one song I like