Friday, February 6, 2009


i feel really bad about not bloggin' like crazy this past little while, because i always have a lot to say about music. i've been really busy with midterms and stuff but i've decided to take time out of my BUSY SCHEDULE to talk to you about SOMETHING I FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT:


i remember when i first heard this song: it was in central park, in the concert i described to you a while back. i went to see AIH knowing three of their songs. i have called them my favorite band for about two and a half years. this song opens with those church bells, and i remember the next morning looking desperately on itunes for what song opened with church bells. my brother and i were ecstatic when we found the right one. i recall that they closed with this song, which makes quite a bit of sense because it is devastating. this is one of the most powerful songs that i know, but when i think of other powerful songs they sound nothing like this one, which in its multi-instrumentation is almost whimsical. i love beyond loving when it falls apart, then picks back up together.

the second time i saw AIH it was, at the time, the sweatiest experience of my life and the best concert i had ever seen. (both of these titles have since been stolen, but i feel that AIH established them in the first place and deserve quite a bit of recognition. i had never thought about what the best concert of my life was prior to seeing them). they played neverevereverdid second-to-last. during that part in the middle, "slender is the finger and it points towards the floor," cameron sang in this different rhythm, with the words grouped differently, and we all sang it like it is on the album. i will never forget the sound of that. it was like we were all a choir. i remember that he was standing just above me, and i was in the front row, i think he leaned on the drums and he sang and we all just looked up at him and yelled the words, "offers you an excuse..." and then everyone in that entire room yelled "ONE! OF! TWO! THINGS! I WISH I HAD AND NEVER DID!"

also, i know i don't usually blog about fiction but i feel like i need to share the greatness of this with the entire world.
THE FINEST STORY IN THE WORLD --- RUDYARD KIPLING. i love how i just annotated this like i do with songs.
read this today and my mind was blown. could not think straight for about 15 minutes afterward. pretty much, on a smaller scale, how i felt when i first heard ladies of cambridge. IT'S THAT GOOD.

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