Thursday, December 4, 2008


dear new york,
dance, new york. DANCE. no one in this city dances. a few times last night i wanted to cry.
love, genevieve.

dear everyone going to vampire weekend this saturday dec. 6,
dance. please. dance.
love, genevieve.

to answer your probable question: it was good. no one danced. campus and white sky were both incredible. ezra forgot some of the words to m79 and then remembered the rest while laughing into the microphone. i think both mansard roof and bryn were too slow. but am i complaining because i know what this band is capable of? well, of course i am. i think they deserve a crowd they've had the two previous times i've seen them: all of us, with this dignified obsession, with the desire to communicate through something - screaming, dancing. in january i remember between every song a bunch of slightly intoxicated dudes yelled "ROSTAAAAAM!!!!" weird but memorable. i left that show with my hair dripping down my neck. i just don't think last night was sweaty enough.

vampire weekend, if you bring it on saturday i will bring it right back. new york, if you dance on saturday, i will dance right back. if you don't dance on saturday you don't even want to know what i will do.

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