Sunday, June 15, 2008


i will describe this the best i can.
last night i saw vampire weekend in a thunderstorm. having seen vw once before (they are solid live, solid and consistent but not aih-caliber amazing), i did not expect it to be as good as it was. first it was blisteringly hot, then it was torrentially raining and thunder was clapping overhead so loud it sounded fake, then it calmed down a bit, then vw played ladies of cambridge and the sky just opened and the rain came down like in one of those painful hotel showers. except, it was incredible.
ezra told us we were beautiful, and then he said one of the most excellent things i have ever heard: "you're already wet; all you can do is fucking dance." then they played a-punk, so that comment was well placed.
they played walcott last, of course. i think they could sense our need for that song because it was tangible.
it was like a million heartbeats inside you. after it happened i could not think of words to describe it. there were no words in my head. still, i have no words in my head. i am pretty sure that was the best show i have ever seen.

the rain looked like this.
white sky aka. my number one jam looked like this. it's so different since i first heard it but i seriously think it has improved one hundred percent for the better and that beautiful line is still in it: "i look in all the buildings and imagine i live there."
vw also covered tom petty with andrew w.k., which was a sight to see.

photo up top by my friend / compatriot simone!


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