Friday, June 20, 2008


through genius reasoning and exploration of universal energies / the power, unsurpassed and still growing, of the internet, i will PROVE TO YOU that ROADRUNNER IS THE BEST SONG EVER.

roadrunner, recorded in 1972, is the song that CREATED THE GENRE WE KNOW TODAY AS "PUNK." however, unlike most punk music which entails weird hair and violence, roadrunner is about BEING HAPPY TO BE ALIVE.
thusly at the same time, roadrunner innovated:
1. really simple music with a focus on not giving a fuck (like punk music)
2. positivity in lyrical detail (like pop music)
3. insane synth / keyboard (like post-punk music)
so at the same time, roadrunner made possible bands that don't give a fuck about musical talent, such as the sex pistols, bands that utilize lyrical positivity, and bands that utilize ridiculous keyboard.
however, the PUNK GENRE focused on HOW MUCH EVERYTHING SUCKS -- roadrunner is about how awesome everything is. arguably jonathan richman who wrote the song stole the chord progression from the velvet underground, etc. i would argue that even if this is true roadrunner is still original in a lot of ways because most velvet underground songs are about DEBAUCHERY IN NEW YORK and roadrunner is about BEING IN LOVE WITH MASSACHUSETTS.

possibly the most interesting facet of roadrunner - indicative of a kind of universal energy i cannot begin to interpret or understand - is that it comes up in many a song to this day.
M.I.A. recites it at the beginning of BAMBOO BANGER. i do not understand where this comes from. my thought is that M.I.A. who is in her music trying to introduce the jamz of the still-exotic East to lame americans is trying to do a similar thing than jonathan richman, who was trying to just JAM OUT IN A DIFFERENT WAY and showcase this desire to lame americans, because at this time punk was still EXOTICA (???)
SPOON sing "the highway is your girlfriend / and it goes by quick" in IDIOT DRIVER. i think this connection is more obvious because idiot driver is a song about driving (really?). interestingly, spoon have another (equally short / jam-tastic) song about driving called CAR RADIO. i would think a roadrunner nod would make more sense in this one because like roadrunner car radio is HOPEFUL - "with the radio on," etc. idiot driver on the other hand is one of those sexy, angry spoon songs - "she's waking up right now with him, it just makes me sick." INTERESTING. the choice to put a nod to a song about JOY in a song about UNREQUITED LOVE is kind of trippy in my opinion - kind of provocative and awesome. although i'm sure no one besides me notices these kinds of things.

i'm done. all this thinking / energy-interpreting is exhausting + i have to go to work.



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