Friday, July 17, 2009


i want to tell you as your friend that it is not too late to fall in love with late of the pier, and it is a beautiful season to fall in love with them.


i was just watching grease on bravo (uh yeah) and all of a sudden i started having this craving that i could not put my finger on. and then in my head i started singing the opening to the bears are coming ("SNAP AWAY SHE SAID AS SHE DANCED TOWARD THE MOONLIGHT") and i was thinking "i have to listen to late of the pier. i have to go listen to late of the pier right now." and i wanted to wait until after that scene where frenchy tries to pierce sandy's ears and she throws up but i couldn't wait anymore. so i went to the computer and tried to find an mp3 and it took me about five minutes to find it... and then i finally found it and it was so wonderful.

i held tickets to see these boys in my hands, and i did not go, and whenever i hear them now my heart breaks. when i went to see miike snow i walked into mhow with my friend and broken was playing over the loudspeaker, and i felt like crying a little.

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