Monday, November 16, 2009


edited out of the review i am writing on this for PMA:
I read Andre Breton’s Soluble Fish today and I was struck by this one line: “The ground beneath my feet is nothing but an enormous unfolded newspaper” and my heart and my head and everything in me read, after the word “is:” HOT GARBAGE AND CONCRETE AND NOW THE TOPS OF BUILDINGS I CAN SEE THEM, TOO. So maybe what I am getting at here is that I am not impartial and perhaps somewhat of a terrible liberal arts student, inserting song lyrics into world-renowned surrealist works. Throughout everything the point remains that I like a band called Vampire Weekend and I like them a lot because perhaps with some strange telepathy they are capable of making songs that sound like what I want music to sound like. Luis asked me to be objective with the misguided faith that objectivity was possible for me, but I have never been able to make sense of my love for this band. I cannot explain it to people when they laugh at the round and complex number of times that I have seen them play live (eight as of now, probably ten by February). But I will try to make sense of how much I love Cousins, which is the first single from their second album, which is called Contra.

you can read the finished review on pma when it's done, i'll link you. for now:


you can now read my completed review there as well.

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