Monday, November 30, 2009


lately i've been really into dirty projectors circa getty address (2005) and the new attitude ep (2006). both of these recordings precede the lineup pictured above and are totally ridiculous and awesome. to give you a hint: for getty address dave longstreth gathered together a touring lineup of about fifteen people which included TWO FLUTES, TWO SAXOPHONES, and TWO CELLOS.

anyway, here is a DIFFERENT LINEUP ENTIRELY doing two TOTAL JAMS for a college radio station in 2006. i wish more than anything that they had two sheep asleep up, but unfortunately they do not :( these recordings are amazing, though! check them out.

FUCKED FOR LIFE --- DIRTY PROJECTORS (from new attitude)
NOT HAVING FOUND --- DIRTY PROJECTORS (from getty address)

also, here's my favorite song from getty address, FINCHES' SONG AT OCEANIC PARKING LOT.

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