Tuesday, November 18, 2008


this has got me so excited!
i got BROTHER SPORT, from ANIMAL COLLECTIVE'S soon-to-be-released merriweather post pavillion. HOWEVER i have decided to take it down because whenever i see it on another blog there is a huge 6-paragraph nasty message in the comments, and i hate negative vibes. if you would like it, please email me and i will do what i can.
bits of it were leaked last night but taken down before i could listen. how incredible does this song sound, though? i love that beginning, piano, chanting. then the fuzz from the background. little synth sound. open up your, open up your, open up your throat. let all of that time, all of that time, all of that time go. i forget i love this band until they show me something like this. i remember when i first heard peacebone. i downloaded it then remembered i had it that night as i was lying in bed (this was two summers ago). i put it on. i remember the light from my ipod lit up the ceiling. how the beat comes together, solidifies. something out of nothing. then, at the end, nothing out of something. really incredible. i am getting excited for this album.

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