Sunday, November 9, 2008


they asked me about a habit or tradition, something i do every day. i thought a bit and this is what came to me. i'm going to just give you a little excerpt:

Almost every day I listen to a song called A Manner to Act. I don't know of very many songs that are more beautiful than this one. There is a lot of depth to it; there are very many levels - drums, guitar, bass, voice, violin, cello. What is interesting is that it doesn't mean much to me as a person. The lyrics are lovely but I don't feel they have any real application to my life. I can't sing or play any instruments besides the oboe so I can't consider it inspiring to me as a musician. It wasn't playing at any momentous occasions in my life. I listen to it because I love how it sounds and I love every wandering and dizzying second of it.

A MANNER TO ACT --- RA RA RIOT. i always take a deep breath at that beginning, and then another when the violin theme comes in. there is definitely something almost creepily affecting about this song.

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