Thursday, January 22, 2009


here is a band called PRINCETON. apparently, not like the college.

their music does appear to be academic in subject, but what is the point of categorizing academic music as we have categorized "college" music (remember my theorizing on this)? they remind me quite a bit of belle and sebastian in terms of their sound, but belle and sebastian seemed to me to always focus on the sexual aspect of acadamia ("you are looking at the working week in the eyes of a gigolo-oh-oh!") and princeton have composed an EP about the members of some kind of british intellectual collective.
this song's called LEONARD WOOLF (like the noted british political theorist. duh). do i hear some HIGH WOODWIND ie. CLARINET / FLUTE / OBOE STYLING in there (this is where the B+S comes in! hear it?)

this is not about the collective consciousness of some smart english people, but it is still very good:

quite cute and very positive, enjoy


sea wolf said...

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your journal very much. You have no idea. :)

genevieve said...

why thank you!