Wednesday, January 14, 2009


today i wanted to talk a little more about some songs that are very important to me. what i have in mind are the nine songs on the album STOP MAKING SENSE which the talking heads released in 1984 along with the concert video that bears the same name.

the other day i was talking with some friends and was shocked to realize that they had not watched the film and that they did not know what i was talking about when i began to explain the hilarious dance moves david byrne breaks out in ONCE IN A LIFETIME. if you have time you can probably youtube everything on stop making sense. this is a very important thing to do if you appreciate any music that is perceived as incorporating african rhythms, includes awesome synth, multiple key changes, and bass grooves, and/or possesses somewhat existential, meaningful, and "OH SHIT" lyrics ie. "when we get older, we stop making sense." it is a very important thing to do PERIOD but if you identify with anything i just listed you need to get on this IMMEDIATELY if you haven't already.

let's just talk about one song super briefly: this one's always been a favorite...
so, the lyrics of this song are a series of couplets that, in the couplets, make SOME sense, and, when you look at the song as a whole, mean absolutely nothing.
"all wet
and you might need a raincoat
thieves walking in broad daylight
three hundred sixty five degrees
burning down the house!"
i feel like this song is very important in terms of its positivity and overall level of awesome. there are not ONE but TWO insane synth solos, a very shoutable chorus, some sexy tribal drumming, etc etc etc etc. i think this is probably everything you would possibly want in a song.

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