Wednesday, January 28, 2009


a long time ago, pretty much every band i liked was from ACROSS DA POND or sounded like they were. nowadays it seems like the only english bands i like are the sexy, dancy ones, with synth-laden music, who dance ridiculously when they perform live. (see: FRIENDLY FIRES). while the english (by which i mean NME) seem to be excited about the US music scene, it has been hard for me lately to get excited about the english music scene.

i decided to listen to LATE OF THE PIER, the four most frequently, incongruously shirtless guys in britain, the other night, and i started feeling better about this whole thing, because i really like them. they are easy to classify with MGMT because of the weird trippy aesthetic, but i feel like they're more creative than MGMT. all of their songs sound like they were created out of 2839043 ideas the band had then decided to combine into one song.

let me tell you how i feel about this song: the first 42 seconds are probably the best first 42 seconds i have heard in a long, long time. however, like i said above, this song is about eight million different songs so after those 42 seconds it dissolves into okay.
TRY not to love that synth line. TRY NOT TO LOVE IT. apparently i have played this 30 times in 2 days.

they are coming to the US in the spring to do some shows. after having youtubed the shit out of them, i have concluded that it would probably be in everyone in the world's best interests to go. they are utterly ridiculous and awesome.

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