Tuesday, October 6, 2009


i'm pretty sure i've talked about this song before. let's talk about it again.


recorded, this song is good. live, different story, live it is great, live it is borderline terrifying. the walkmen know how to write a song that hits you in the face. this song might as well beat the shit out of you and then there's what hamilton called in an interview "the happy section" which is really just "the less violent section" when it will drive you to the hospital. all the reverb on the guitar and the organ and how subtle and insistent the drums are and the words, and how the words are delivered: "you were lost when i found you" --- there is something antique about this, something old, something dug up, something kept dusty in your attic, some dark familial secret. in my first post on this blog about the walkmen i wrote about how they know how to create these landscapes with music. you can see and you can feel everything, you can walk into everything, you can touch everything, everything pulls at you. what do you see in this one?

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