Monday, October 5, 2009


okay i think i can do this now.


ezra kills on this, by which i mean his voice sounds like stabbing me in the heart. that part with "ohhhh you had it but ohhh no you lost it!" let's just NOT TALK ABOUT IT. i love the breaks with the drumming and the "ohhhhh!" it kind of throws back to m79. they make great use of the marimba (almost as great as paul simon's "can't run but," except considerably less sexy than that song --- face it, "can't run but" is HOT. i wish i could find an mp3 because that song is sexier than hell, entirely without intending to be). the only sexy thing about horchata is ezra's voice, which just does that naturally. "the lips and teeth that asked how my day went..." DIDN'T I SAY I WASN'T GOING TO TALK ABOUT IT?

horchata goes in a different direction - the first thing i thought was "this is weird" - but when you listen to it, it is very natural. the electronics are a bit like white sky and a bit like discovery, there are some lovely strings on it, it's got those sweet pining regretful lyrics that i adore. the way it builds at the end (from 2:20) is just fantastic, adding pieces and pieces and pieces and then backing it all off.

i almost like it better live, HERE, IN TORONTO. fantastic how they do the marimba line on the guitar.

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