Thursday, July 17, 2008


BATTLES, who my dad's friend apparently is friends with, are playing central park summerstage for free on august 16, and i will be there.
my estimation is that you call this kind of music "math." or "math-core." or, as wikipedia insists, "math rock." this means it has time signatures in things like 5/12 (i'm just making up a time signature here, i don't know if battles actually do stuff in 5/12, or if 5/12 is an actual time signature). radiohead's 2+2=5 is considered "math" because it's in 7/4, fun fact! (15 step is in 5/4) .
so math music is not just shitty emo bands my brother likes! fun fact!

i really like battles, especially atlas, which is amazing. this week pitchfork posted a whole bunch of recordings from last year's pitchfork music festival, one of which was a video of atlas performed live. i don't know how to link to it but you should check it out on

here's the mp3: ATLAS --- BATTLES.

i want to say around 5:00 in this song in the change from break to the repetition of the rhythm of the beginning is one of the best things i have heard in music in my life. sometimes i sit down and play that little bit over and over and over because it is so good. it sounds like coming back together after separating -- not people or things that would be separate anyway, but parts of one thing. like if you lost your limbs, when they were rejoined to you, it would sound like that.

here's it mashed up with a serious jam:
ATLAS / BOYZ --- BATTLES / MIA. i think this is by diplo. what would you call this, like "atlas boyz"? "atloyz"?

this weekend i will go to siren music festival (which includes ra ra riot!!!!!) on saturday and santogold and a bunch of other people on sunday!


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