Tuesday, July 1, 2008


the title of this entry is self-explanatory. brief mixtape for y'all.

MERCHANTS OF SOUL --- SPOON. i do not have the words to express how i feel about merchants of soul. since may it has been pretty much the only thing i have wanted to listen to. the energy in it is inexplicable. "i was a heartbeat on the danger side." i want that to be the story of my life.
OH GIRL --- CUT OFF YOUR HANDS. this song's got knife-sharp guitar. it just cuts right through you.
ERASER --- NO AGE. i don't love no age but this is gorgeous. huge contrast from the cut off your hands because the guitar in this is fuzzy and feedbacky, but i really love the big bass drum and the vocals are really great in that classic harried no age way.
AMAZON --- M.I.A. i love this song; the percussion and the rhythm of her voice and the little yelp in the chorus: "hellooo!!? this is m.i.a." i like arular better than kala; don't kill me.
THIS FEELS PERFECT --- TEAM ROBESPIERRE. this guy's voice kind of annoys me but the lyrics and keyboard are really great.
SAINT PETERS DAY FESTIVAL --- RA RA RIOT. as always the strings in this are great and i love the words and wes miles sings like an angel and the pace is perfect, it moves just fast enough. starting at 2:32 the guitar and vocals with the strings are absolutely amazing.

it, for now.


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