Sunday, July 20, 2008


dear ra ra riot:

i love you.
would you marry me?


yesterday after a forty-five minute subway ride i saw the dodos, film school, and ra ra riot. lots of good stuff but it was soooooooooooooo hot. i heard a little of times new viking but i didn't see them because preeta and i had to go in the ocean to prevent fainting. what i heard sounded alright even though i don't really like times new viking except that one song that goes "i don't want to die!!!" and while they played i was eating the best shish-kebob ever!

ra ra were SO good and i was in the third row a bit to the right of center. a manner to act, and then each year, and they got around to saint peter's day festival, and then last they played ghost under rocks and then dying is fine in this quick succession and it was awesome because ghost under rocks is SO INTENSE and dying is fine is SO CUTE. just watching them onstage even if they weren't playing any music is really exciting because i wasn't sure if they actually did things like this on a regular basis, but they do. awesome: in ghost under rocks on the word "heart" (in "skin and heart") wes just grabs mathieu by the front of his shirt! like where his heart would be... get it!? and none of them stopped moving for a second. i am astounded that pictures of this band come out. i got them to sign a poster for me as well, and waiting in line to meet them a guy told me that they are playing virgin megastore at union square the day the album comes out ON AUGUST 19 (psyched!!) the only drawback: super awkward that i was the only person around me who seemed to know any words or what any songs sounded like and obviously, as usual, i was the only person dancing. but i have, unfortunately, become accustomed to this. hipsters need to stop being so self-conscious.

the dodos didn't play fools, which was upsetting. they seemed kind of rushed, which sucked, although jodi sounded really awesome. they played at three which was the hottest part of the day and i felt like i was going to die, a little.

i had heard of film school but hadn't listened to them at all and i only heard about two songs. awesome echoey drums and one song had a killer piano riff but the vocals weren't so great.

no santogold today -- my concert buddy is sick! oh well. next show = all points west. i think? right?

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