Saturday, July 12, 2008


this photo by some guy on flickr. nice job!

i saw no age last night at south st. seaport in manhattan. it was a beautiful night!
my buddy preeta is sort of visible in this picture. it was a good show, really sweaty. i took a shoulder to the eye pretty good around no age's second or third song.
stuff like BOY VOID and MY LIFE'S ALRIGHT WITHOUT YOU sounded great. i like particularly how the latter sort of builds up... all this potential energy. same with eraser... in the beginning it's just the guitar, you know. and then the drums come in (those drums are great). you could almost feel it coming.
i was upset by the MARKED LACK of my favorite no age song, EVERYBODY'S DOWN. even though i wasn't the only one yelling for it. i think that would have been unbelievable. when the drums come in! -- holy shit.
oh well. the show was great (although all these tourist families eating at uno pizzeria and other touristy restaurants seemed confused or perturbed). a bunch of douches on brooklynvegan keep saying shit like "the drums were flat!" and a dude behind me said "these tunes are too accessible!" whatever, maybe i'm not enough of a snob? it was a good time. thank you preeta, jen, and all you insane stoned kids, for dancing!


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