Monday, July 28, 2008


i lied about my next show being all points west. i went to mgmt and ting tings yesterday.

i'm sort of in this picture, but that's not the important part. the important part is THE RIDICULOUS NUMBER OF PEOPLE BESIDES ME IN THIS PICTURE! this was only my second time at mccarren park pool, and my first free show there, and my first time taking the subway there, so it was no wonder i got a little lost in williamsburg. this was also the second time i attended a free outdoor concert in sinister and possibly deadly weather.

waiting in the (hot, sweaty, ridiculous) line i met two girls from a quaker private school and a bunch of dudes who were party organizers on long island -- long-haired free speech guy, guy with interesting accent, and guy from rockland county. holla please? we talked about battles (man i am psyched for battles) and when i brought up the fact that i love vampire weekend i didn't have to start a fight, which was nice. i had been expecting to be smacked in the back of the head by some asshole who comments anonymously on brooklynvegan at the mention of their name.

ON TO THE CONCERT. my buddy kayla and i weren't sure we were going to get in, but after some shoving in the rain we got in. it was awesome just to be inside. mccarren park pool has that awesome energy to it. i don't care what anyone says. when you get in you just feel like you are the coolest person alive.

ting tings were really good and they really proved they have depth and substance to them beyond that ipod commercial, because their set was awesome and they put so much energy and power into it despite being two people. katie white was dressed awesomely and had this consuming kind of energy; she sort of reminded me of kellie sutherland. but in songs like "that's not my name" she stood right on the edge of the stage or sang directly into someone's camera lens or threw mic stands when the cord kept getting tangled, and used at least three different guitars.

dear black moth super rainbow, I REALLY HATE THIS VOCODER THING, OKAY; IF I WANTED SOME I WOULD LISTEN TO T-PAIN. love, genevieve.

MGMT! i like them on the basis of the keyboard hook and verse rhythm in "time to pretend," and the best lyric of the year -- "ooh, girl, shock me like an electric eel. i said, baby girl, turn me on with your electric feel." they were pretty good, although i'm not so into ridiculous jam sessions or fourteen-minute songs. however, these things did seem necessary at the time.
anyway, weekend wars was really good. at the end when there's that little falsetto bit, "i'm a curse and i'm a sound when i open up my mouth..." that was quite good. it's like a hipster anthem. "i don't know how to begin." okay. relate.
electric feel, the geniusly-lyricked song i mentioned above, is sort of like cape cod kwassa kwassa in that everyone yells vaguely inappropriate things very loudly at the same time. but come on, that song is great.
kids as i had expected was their closer and was amazing. the lead singer put on this multicolored poncho and while the extra members of the band left the stage he and the keyboard player in his glorious wifebeater danced around and sang over a loop of the synth. now, not everyone on the glorious internet believes in the greatness of this, but i do!

download all these songs please.
my next show is now legit all points west. i'm serious. i don't know if i will post until then but maybe i will if the new noah and the whale is really good. we'll see.


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