Saturday, August 16, 2008


i will have pictures eventually

i saw:
this mexican fusion band called FORRO IN THE DARK
two songs by DUFFY
a pretty good set from NEW PORNOGRAPHERS
CSS who were unexpectedly awesome
ANDREW BIRD who was expectedly awesome
and RADIOHEAD who were obviously really good.

duffy was great, especially ROCKFERRY which is massive. i had chills all over while she was singing the very end.
during new porn they had the moving video camera, and they had this picture of a girl in the front row who i told about the new pornographers when we were in eighth grade together. it was trippy.
css were great and lovefoxxx wore a catsuit as i had expected. they were quite good, but i didn't get to see alala or let's make love... and i love those songs.
melissa told me about andrew bird and IMITOSIS, PLASTICITIES, and FAKE PALINDROMES were so immense i can't even get over it.
i can't say very many words about radiohead except IDIOTHEQUE. and maybe YOU AND WHOSE ARMY. uhh. i was just surrounded by people who knew all the words. these people are like your best friends, you feel like you've spent all your life with them even for those few minutes. it is great in paranoid android when the entire crowd yells "you didn't remember, you didn't remember, why didn't you remember my name?"
i'll write more when i can show you pictures!!

for now -- i might not get to go to battles today but we'll see. i really hope so. maybe i could even just go listen or go really late because i can't get psyched about black dice or gang gang dance. if i go i'll let you guys know soon.

okay well
m12 is real.

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