Friday, August 29, 2008


if you know me you might know that this is one of my favorite albums of all time. when it came out when i was in eighth grade i was on it. i still remember sitting in the library listening to helicopter on infinite repeat. then banquet, then like eating glass. the first concert i ever went to in my life was bloc party at roseland ballroom on september 8 2004.

one of my favorite bloc party songs is from an early ep: THE MARSHALLS ARE DEAD

silent alarm has this urgent romantic energy - like I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW! if you listen to LIKE EATING GLASS - "it's so cold in this house..." also i think this was the first experience i ever had with that really clean, biting guitar sound i've grown to really like. i hadn't heard anything like that before; i was used to fuzz. when i first heard helicopter - it opens with that double guitar, two different layers - i had never heard that before and it kind of stunned me. i remember as well how shocked i was by how indefatigable the drums were - no stopping, no slowing down. the bass has this great bounce as well. their lyrics were all very sexy in this double-entendre way: "because i'm on fire when you come." ooooh!! it was all just very driving and very no-nonsense. like eating glass really sums their whole sound on silent alarm up for me so i've given you the mp3, if you don't have it take it i beg of you!

their second album disappointed me somewhat - it doesn't have that punch, that urgency - although i do like hunting for witches. i can't find an mp3, sorry. you can youtube it?

their third album, "intimacy," dropped on wednesday digitally so i've got some stuff for you. myself, well, i like the stuff that's urgent and romantic!
HALO's got that... "wipe your dirty hands on me" ohhh damn!
ONE MONTH OFF is quite good, i particularly like the key changes just before the solo / shouts at the end, but i can't find an mp3. you can hear it on myspace.
those two songs are kind of silent-alarmish. the rest -- i'm not quite sure yet, i've listened to these and maybe four others. sadly i don't think bloc party will ever make anything to match silent alarm. that album is devistatingly good, though.

if you like that kind of urgent romance bloc party did on silent alarm, FOALS sort of do it, except with math rhythms and songs about ancient rome (or metaphors dealing with cassius / caesar... "the lighthouse was an accident"? perhaps the literal) i do quite like foals though, i've got them on right now. balloons reminds me a lot of early bloc party.

good night now
if you'd like more bloc party or foals tracks let me know!

on a TOTALLY UNRELATED note, i was thinking about bonde do role, and then i was checking up on my urban dictionary word of the day rss. imagine my surprise when the internet obviously sensed my thoughts and interpreted them into reality.

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