Tuesday, August 26, 2008


this is all i've wanted to listen to since i heard it on the radio sunday. i wrote down "yes my eyes they are green" and googled it when i got home to discover, excellently, this gem. i can't get over that little piano thing! when i hear it i start shaking my head around. my dad was a little offended that a band from california calls itself "delta spirit" until he heard that piano thing, which apparently is derived from delta music. it does sound a little bluesy to me. the voice is really great too (it's kind of reminiscent of the walkmen), and the drums are pretty solid. definitely the best bit of this song though is that piano - it's kind of like how spoon put so much piano into a lot of their songs. trashcan really does remind me of something like you got yr cherry bomb with how the piano is such a driving force in that major key.

in some live videos one of the band members does some auxillary percussion with the lid of a trash can, which is presumably how the song gets its name, although it really reminds me of my friend's band who do this one song with a piece of a guardrail (i remember seeing this done for the first time at battle of the bands in eighth grade and being simultaneously freaked out and mesmerized). that whole kind of diy-percussion thing really appeals to me, i don't know why - how music can come out of nothing.

download this baby or listen good to the radio! my mom and i have been listening a little bit to 101.9, which is where i first heard this song. it is pathetic how much radio sucks here. it's better in rural vermont (i seriously remember being at bomoseen refilling shot shells listening to rock kills kid -- that really good song, paralyzed? -- in the summer of 2006). 

anyway m12 is still real
g e n e v i e v e 

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