Tuesday, September 30, 2008


1) THIS SPOON BOOTLEG I FOUND. you want to download "64kbps mp3" under "audio files" corresponding to whatever you want to listen to. i am pleasantly surprised by their inclusion of they never got you and quincy punk episode! the recordings of don't you evah and my mathematical mind are reasonably spectacular as well. britt daniel's voice is so good live. i particularly like how everything is a little bit sped up.

2) RA RA RIOT'S SECOND DAYTROTTER SESSION. it boggles me still why they didn't put a manner to act on their album, however amazing the rhumb line is. the version of it here is very well done. i didn't know the "two stitches in my eye" part was a true story. if you haven't listened to their FIRST, it's equally good albeit a bit more rough-edged, and it's where i first heard them do suspended in gaffa.

3) i'm seeing andrew bird on thursday so get ready and get psyched for a nice big discussion on how awesome he is.

4) i need to get my hands on some more sam buck rosen before i die. seriously you have to download those songs from a few posts ago. they are devastatingly good although my dad compared his voice to that of chris isaac. don't even front dad ok.

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David Oliver said...

I liked "Don't You Evah" and "My Little Japanese Cigarette Case" by Spoon.