Tuesday, September 23, 2008


i wrote a beautiful post about ottoman and it disappeared!

well, here's:
this is on the soundtrack for a movie with george michael bluth. but i've been waiting for it a while.

this first came to my attention via youtube video very late saturday night. the sound quality is not good but i got that verse right away, the fingerpicked intro and the way the cello comes in, etc. ottoman's got that classic vw vibe right off the bat - that clean clean clean guitar, the harpsichord and the strings. i love right after the first verse when the harpsichord comes in, the drums here: especially the rhythm of the rimshots. i wish there was more bass but i'm nitpicking. i didn't like the chorus at first but it's growing on me. the verses are absolutely amazing, though. i didn't notice that bit about peter gabriel from cape cod kwassa kwassa is repeated here - that reminds me of architecture in helsinki with what's in store / feather in a baseball cap.

it struck me that this is sexier than the vampire weekend i'm used to. on their self-titled the sexiest they got was "do you want to fuck" and some afro-beat cooing. ottoman is very tender-sounding, especially the very beginning. that first line: "ottoman couch. how handsome your furniture" is so uncomfortable and nervous. ezra koenig's voice has got this emotional, confessional kind of closeness, and a lot of the lyrics he delivers are devastating: "love you now but dressed for a funeral," "begging you to wait for me at the door," and later five incredible words: "you sweat like a teenager." wow. does anyone else feel punched in the face by this? i was saying this to myself all day. to communicate that feeling of embarassing, intoxicating affection in five clever words is stunning.

god, i love this band.

additionally, dig this gem i found on you ain't no picasso!
hahahahaha. all along the western front!

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muchobsess said...

do you know what is sexy? this quote from your creeping online: "And he tries to downplay his performance, but trust me, the ladies are satisfied."
i can't get over that.