Friday, September 26, 2008


everyone needs to get to know sam buck rosen. he did a bunch of songs for DAYTROTTER, thank god, because i am still hitting myself regarding my not purchasing any kind of recorded music by him when i saw him open for vampire weekend. i remember it seemed like he was intimidated by all of us being so young, although he's only nineteen. i still liked him though. his voice made a good impression on me - it's raw-sounding, like hamilton leithauser's, and he has this incredible accent, he spits out certain words in this wonderful way (ie. in the song that is the title of this post, "and i-i-i need a moment. let's take back the agreement!").

that said i think you should download all of those songs on daytrotter. i just did a bit of listening and i would definitely get yourself to TRENCHTOWN and AMESBURY GARDENS immediately.

this version of SOUL SHAKEDOWN PARTY is better.

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