Monday, September 8, 2008


i had been avoiding listening to this because i'm easily embarassed but today i was in need of some cheering up (long story short, i am growing out my hair and i had this super brief vibe-crisis). one of the things that never fails to make me happy is joke/funny rap groups - check out local favorites HARDNOXXX, especially my personal favorite 'club anthem,' but everything on that page is good if you are in need of some joy.


you recognize that qt on the left, that's ezra from vampire weekend. on the right is his buddy andrew, and i read somewhere that chris tomson (drums in vw) used to be the flava flav to their chuck d, and the public enemy that results is called L'HOMME RUN.
my favorite is 'bitches.' but i also like 'giving up da gun' and 'pizza party' with its fergie-style misspellings, jay-z nod, and welcome advice: "if you got a blunt, then we can get high." pitchfork had a little article on 'interracial dating' but i really think that it is much weaker than 'bitches' and 'pizza party', both of which i have played many, many times. also in the end of 'bitches' there is a little alien-spaceship type sound which makes me believe it was some kind of beautiful and divine intervention that brought me, the maintainer of a blog called majestic 12, to its glory. "i don't buy gucci, i don't buy prada. you look like a ho from a ranch in nevada." OH NO, HE DIDN'T.

by the way, i just realized that this EVEN FURTHER invalidates the 'college band' idea (look at me connecting themes!) these tracks are from when both these guys were in college, at an ivy league school, and one of the lyrics is "if you wanna fight you know i gotta / lotta shit to say so you better step off it." that doesn't even rhyme.

i feel so much better right now. if you want hardnoxxx or l'homme run mp3s there's magic i can work to get them for you. let me know.


melusinelu said...

Hi, I wanted to hear Pizza Party on Lhomme run's myspace, but it's not available anymore. Actually, I want to hear it cause it was said in a french blog that a part of the song is in french, and it seems to be funny ! Do you think you could send it to me ?
Thanks in advance !

littleanglophile said...

Hey I realize this post was months and months ago but I've been trying to get my hands on the songs and I keep coming up with NOTHING. Could you help me out?

ps. my email's

John Muyskens said...

I am a rare music as well as VW enthusiast and would like to get these songs.
If you could send them to me that would be great, thanks!

Anna H said...

Hey (:
I've been DYING to get my hands on Pizza Party for months! If you could possibly be so kind as to send an mp3 to me, you would be my hero, for sure. =D.

Richard said...

So I realize this post is about one hundred and two years old, but I'd love to hear those L'Homme Run mp3s if possible:

samwoolfson said...

I've been looking for these mp3s.
I want them on my phone.
My computer chrashed so I haven't explored any further.


Ps. Interracial dating is better than bitches