Wednesday, September 10, 2008


1. SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT WITH ME --- COLD WAR KIDS. i think cold war kids were the first band i got into as a result of this thing called "hype," but this was a long time ago. at least three or four songs off their first album are mainstays for me in that they have not gotten old over these years. their second album, loyalty to loyalty, drops september 23. this track has got that really classic yelp to it, with this heavy bassline and steady percussion and that great hook.

2. BOOGIE DOWN! --- MGMT. i found this on pretty much amazing the other day and now i may or may not be addicted. almost as hilarious as electric feel, with ringtone-ready synth and lyrics like "you're driving in that tank like you own it."

3. CLOSER --- KINGS OF LEON. also september 23 we get kol's only by the night. this song is much more refined and sophisticated than the kings of leon i am used to, but that's what makes it stunning.

4. DONDE ESTA LA PLAYA --- THE WALKMEN. massively gorgeous. those soft drums, guitar, and bass in the beginning sound like a storm rolling in over the beach. there is an aura of separation to this - an album opener, this puts you in a place, distant and separate from any other things. then that smooth peace breaks with that guitar chime into this beautiful ecstatic thing, "eyes are so sore..." then back down. incredible.

vampire weekend have announced a new york date for wednesday, december 3. tickets go on sale friday.
bloc party are playing a free show at roseland ballroom thursday, september 18. you have to RSVP. i'm going to try to go, although i do have a swim meet. they also released a new song today called TALONS.

AM I DREAMING? HOT CHIP + TRANSMISSION = UNPRECEDENTED GLORY. where can i find this mp3. i need it. i don't know how i feel about them doing cckk with peter gabriel, but i do know how i feel about transmission, and that is UNBELIEVABLE.

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