Monday, October 27, 2008


OF COURSE pitchfork gave deerhunter a 9.2. why i even bothered to scroll down to 'best new music' to find out if it was there is beyond me. OF COURSE IT WAS. for the record this is the same score they gave no age's NOUNS earlier this year. i predict right now that these, in some order, will be the top albums of the year. just you wait and see.

this is deerhunter's only good song.
you'll like it if you like fuzz and moodiness. i like it because, to some extent, i can appreciate fuzz and moodiness, and there is this great vision i always have when listening to it of a gigantic hazy desert a la there will be blood and no country for old men, although this makes no sense based on many of the lyrics, and i saw both those films long after i first heard the song.

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