Tuesday, October 28, 2008


1. I'M GOOD I'M GONE (LYKKE LI COVER) --- FRIENDLY FIRES. really like this band as of late. they put a nice spin on this song.

2. GALLERY PIECE --- OF MONTREAL. i'm not the biggest OM fan but this song really appeals to me to such a huge extent. i love that riff and the chant and they way it comes in and goes out. the lyrics are so hilarious and weird and sexy. "i wanna crash your car. i wanna scratch your cheeks. i wanna make you sick." what?

3. PATIENT PATIENT --- MORNING BENDERS. sweet, slow, nice drums and guitar, this great little vocal thing toward the end.

4. DESEO --- SAM BUCK ROSEN. i would be hard pressed to find any recent jamz with as much power as the first minute or so of this song, with that little guitar dip, those random backing instruments. humorously i believe this tune is named after a j-lo fragrance.

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