Saturday, October 25, 2008


i didn't like FRIENDLY FIRES until i heard this song five minutes ago. all i can say is OH MY GOODNESS.

i read this fantastic interview with bradford cox of deerhunter wherein he was talking about how noise for him is like sexuality for most people. i still don't understand this analogy but i like this idea. that being said, it is common sense that music can be really, really sexy but there are few bands that can carry this through without sounding sleazy. i am not saying that friendly fires are one of these bands. this song is especially sleazy: check out ed macfarlane, who is an attractive guy, kind of moaning "don't stop" at 1:16. but sleazy is not necessarily bad, and like bonde do role, who i linked to above, and we are wolves, who we talked about last night, friendly fires do this sleaze very well. god, when can i get down to this?

after some more listening i have decided that it is also in your best interest to listen to PHOTOBOOTH and IN THE HOSPITAL. both are really sexy in this jittery, nervous way (the best way!).

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