Friday, October 24, 2008


this came up on shuffle and i forgot how much i love it:

don't have the words for this song --- really sexy, but all their stuff is sexy, and it isn't sexy in an orthodox way. shivery and fuzzy and dirty, with this pulse like a heartbeat. that chorus is so ridiculous and nonsensical but when you really think about it: "oh baby baby, i ain't no little bird!" but you can't put this song in a wicker cage, "yellow red and blue. yeah girl you know it's true." there's that mythical creature - i remember reading this fantasy book, as a child - that rusts iron cages, so you can't keep it in a box. i think this song is like that. very hungry, very wild.


also i found this really old ra ra riot lounge act from 2006, before john pike (their former drummer) died in 2007. it's absolutely incredible. ghost under rocks is the first song, but it's here titled 'fever' and the verses are really different, although the words to the chorus are the same. this is really intriguing to me because even with different words and a different title this is a devastating and incredibly intense song. i'm into everest right now and almost dying because it is so incredible. it's all grouped together and the songs aren't separated so i'm just going to give you the whole file right here:
LIVE ON WOXY.COM, 2006 --- RA RA RIOT. with ghost under rocks, everest, each year, can you tell, dying is fine, hounds of love, two interviews.
not to be confused with LIVE ON WOXY.COM, JANUARY 2008

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