Friday, October 17, 2008


this picture stolen off flickr. i was in the front row and standing directly in front of rebecca, who plays the violin, and dances wonderfully in giant heels. unfortunately due to the thursday-ness of this show and the subsequent fact that i had to leave in time to catch the 12:06 train, i only managed to see half of their set which, devastatingly, included EVEREST, one of my favorite songs ever. i left directly after suspended in gaffa (they swapped this with can you tell), which i think was an appropriate goodbye, as it is incredible. behold the terribly depressing closeness of everest to suspended in gaffa! TWO SONGS!!! AHHHH!!!!!
let me just reiterate that i love ra ra riot and that they are incredible and if you don't own both THE EP and THE RHUMB LINE to purchase both, IMMEDIATELY.

CAN YOU TELL, on letterman. this is great because they get so much happier and more comfortable as it goes on, and wes's voice is AMAZING. still, really, youtube does them no justice.

there were two opening bands, walter meego, who i didn't like, and the morning benders, who i liked very much. they had a very charismatic frontman who wore the same cardigan i had worn earlier that day.
here's a song:
i also really like BOARDED DOORS.
i bought their album and i have been listening to it. i like best the stuff with the piano!

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