Tuesday, October 21, 2008


if you were curious, my top played list on itunes. it's verifiably hilarious. if you sort by artist it becomes devastatingly evident who my favorite bands are. i'm pretty sure every song vampire weekend have recorded is on there.


note some ridiculousness: #12 and #18 are the same song. #4 and #46 are the same song. #1 is #1 by over 100 plays (at roughly 2.25 minutes, i've played it almost 300 times, which means i've listened to it for eleven hours and fifteen minutes. i try to stress that i am usually doing other things at the time.) i haven't listened to #30 for almost a year. #8 and #9 have basically the same play count because i don't want either one to "win" because i like them equally.

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David Oliver said...

R.I.P. A.I.H. (at least from the perspective of the playlist!)